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about HILTRON CALC (A UK Govt Undertaking.)

A young sapling planted initially has blossomed into a tree spreading its branches and stems of education far and wide, the perfect example being Indian Education Society.

“HILTRON CALC (A UK Govt Undertaking.)” is a not-for-profit society registered in Dehradun, India. HILTRON CALC supports and educates the most vulnerable and neglected children to make a difference in their lives. Our flagship program incorporating our unique teaching and learning model is now mobile all across Dehradun. Help us support the educational needs of children in underserved environments...

HILTRON CALC Computer Education

Computers have permeated all walks of life. The world today has become increasingly dependent on computers. So much so that almost all jobs demand a basic working knowledge of Computers. These days it is hard to imagine applications that do not use computers. In the olden days, Computer systems were very expensive and large in size. With the invention of PC, virtually everybody has access to machine.

In present time, some big Institution run their one-year or more than one-year programme in higher charges. Due to which the middle class families of our societies cannot afford the load of their charges. Our mission studied their theme properly and decided to provide better higher technical education in computer making a foundation of "HILTRON CALC (A UK Govt Undertaking.)".

Excellent classrooms, other audio-visual teaching learning devices and teaching learning environment and to overall development of the student personality.

At HILTRON CALC, our endeavour for perfection does not end at the completion of student’s course. We strive to ensure that a student is well settled once he/she is out of the institute. Hence placement process is given paramount importance. The constituent of successful placements is not only the scholastic achievements but also auxiliary factors like communication skill, diction, vocabulary and aptitude. Therefore, to groom our students, we facilitate them with:


All the courses are launched after an initial survey. The course fulfils the following requirement of the students.

• To gain professional qualification

• Certification

• Improved efficiency

• Enhancing knowledge through new technological information

• Prepare students for newer vocations


HILTRON CALC faculty are full time , qualified and friendly professionals, always there to guide the students, specially trained to understand student psychology, internalise the knowledge uniformly and put across difficult to understand concepts with ease, thus making students learning ventures smooth and easy.

The whole training time is equally divided into theory and practical sessions. Apart from regular computer time, students are allowed to utilise unlimited machine time to exercise their minds, boost their creativity and increase their level of curiosity .This builds-up their self confidence, allows them to explore the wide horizon of computer and gradually shapes them into confident professionals.



The HILTRON CALC centres have a well-stocked library with a collection of around 100 volumes comprising functional Programmig, parallel Processing system, Database Management System, Client Server Computing, Computer Networks, operating System, multimedia. object oriented programming etc.

The Library subscribes to collection of indian and foreign journals and periodicals in the functional and general areas thus maintaining latest exposure to the student and helping them keep abreast of the latest developments in the I T Industry.


HILTRON CALC Centres have a good computer lab. The computer lab contains CORE 2 DUO, i3, i5 systems with thin client network by a star topology.


Excellent classrooms, other audio-visual teaching learning devices and teaching learning environment and to overall development of the student personality.

Our Approach

HILTRON CALC takes a holistic approach towards training and development; any intervention is incomplete if only one component of the system is addressed in isolation. Therefore, HILTRON CALC addresses issues using the system theory approach and aims to include all the players and impact factors to the best extent possible.

Our Mission

To encourage and unleash the inherent potential in children belonging to underserved environments , complex situations and other socially disadvantaged situations by providing quality driven educational life experiences so as to develop life skills, social consciousness of value, critical thinking, civic responsibility and sustainable development through lifelong learning opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate and nurture sustainable interdependent development of underserved children and communities in complex situations through education and social empowerment for leadership development in all spheres of work and life in India.

HILTRON CALC is reaching out to schools and NGOs through free teacher training, volunteer training, student development, parent training and orientation and process improvement. Our goal is to improve overall quality of education at many educational institutions and communities through dissemination of innovative teaching methods.


The examination will be held four times a year by the authorized study centre. Students will be eligible to appear for I-semester examinations only after six months of the successful completion of I-semester.

Certificate/ Marksheet:-

Certificate / Diploma will be awarded by HILTRON CALC Computer Education only after the successful completion of the course which will be valid for employment all over India.

After qualifying all the exams, the students are awarded grades as per their percentage of marks obtained.
Percentage Scale  Grade

• The prospectus must be read carefully and all details should be filled completely and clearly, otherwise the application will be rejected.

• Submission of application form should strictly be done before the last date. The registration is on a first -cum first-serve basis, so no candidate shall be registered after the last date.

• Fees once paid shall not be refunded / transferred under any circumstances.

• All matters concerned with examination dates, procedures and result will be decided by HILTRON CALC, Uttarakhand and shall be final and binding changes (if any) shall be intimated from time to time.

If classes are not commenced within 10 days of admission and the certificate is not received within 50 working days after the completion of the course, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the head office/registered office.

Transfer of Centre

A student can apply for transfer of authorized HILTRON CALC centre. The candidate has to send an application stating the place for which transfer has been asked. The application has to be sent to the Head Office duly forwarded by the centre director (for the transfer form, contact your centre director).

Academic Rules

• Irrespective of age and position, the student is expected to maintain appropriate relation with the management & staff.

• The students when asked to meet the management with parent/Guardian should follow the instructions strictly.

• The management expects the student’s cooperation while taking any step to ensure a good career path for them.

• Students should carry the identity Card endorsed by the H.O. at all times within the centre premises.

• The students must attend all the theory and lab sessions regularly.

• Proper discipline has to be maintained within the centre premises. Any student found misbehaving will be restricted from attending the class.

Every day come with your study material (Bag, Books, etc).